Kermit the Frog is not actually part of this series of puppets. I have added it to the line purely because I think it goes so well with the set, because TWELVE characters feels better than eleven, and because Kermit was such a big part of the old-school Sesame Street. The character was never owned by Children's Television Workshop, so while he was a frequent character on Sesame Street he wasn't included in any SS merchandise. In the late 70's he would of course be a huge star in the Muppet universe.


This finger puppet was made in England by Palitoy in 1977 and was part of a set of 6 Muppet Show finger Puppets. All 6 are the same size--meaning they are out of scale to each other. Kermit should be smaller than Piggy and Fozie, etc. But he's in perfect scale with the Topper/Gabriel WGSSFPs. His style and the quality of the rubber make him fit right in with the Sesame Street FPs and to me corrects a historical wrong.

Kermit the Frog Finger Puppet by Palitoy Sesame Street