Grover is such a great sculpt. They really captured the character's unique posture and the tilt of his head evokes the sweetness of Grover so well. This is one that really suffers in later versions where the blue rubber becomes very hard. A nice Topper Grover is a must, and it's hard to find a good nose paint on him.


Topper Grover (1971-72) Softer rubber. Brighter blue color. More detailed texture. No Hong Kong markings on base.
GroverGroverGroverGroverGroverTopper GroverTopper Grover back


Questor (1973-77) Gabriel (1978-79) Harder rubber. Very dark blue. Nose paint too dark. Less detailed texture. Hong Kong markings on base.
Quester Grover


Rooted hair. Bright, cool-blue paint. Hong Kong markings on base.
Gabriel 1980 Grover


A poorly made copy of the original .


Lili Ledy did does not seem to have made a Grover. However, I found this amazing example from the Netherlands. The Sesamstrasse Fingerpuppe has marvelous artwork and a removeable bubble!
Duthc Grover

 Topper Grover Finger Puppet