Cookie Monster is a great favorite. The hands in particular, the length of the neck, the shape of the mouth--all are perfectly true to the actual Henson muppet.


The Topper Cookie Monster (1971-72) Plastic eyes inserted into rubber body. Softer rubber. Brighter blue color. More detailed texture. No Hong Kong markings on base.
CookieCookieCookieCookieTopper Cookie MonsterTopper Cookie Back


Questor (1973-77) Gabriel (1978-79) Harder rubber, darker blue. Less detailed texture. Eyes and body are one molded piece, with the eyes painted white. Hong Kong markings on base.
Questor/Gabriel CookieQuestor Gabriel CookieQuestor Gabriel Cookie MonsterQuestopr Cookie PAckage Back


Same mold, painted eyes, lighter, cooler blue color. Hong Kong markings on base.


A poorly made copy of the original .
Vicma Cookie Monster


A 2-pack from Lili Ledy, the famed Mexican manufacturer of popular American toys. Cookie Monster is called "Lucas" on Plaza Sesamo, the Mexican Sesame Street. The puppets are flawed copies, but superior in quality to Vicmas.

 Cookie Monstr Finger Puppet by Topper