Big Bird suffered the most in the switch from Topper to Questor/Gabriel. The loss of detail in the feathers is startling, and the shrinkage of the overall body notable. The plastic inserted eyes were retained, unlike Cookie Monster. The original sculpt is marvelous, true to the character and lovingly rendered.


The Topper Big Bird (1971-72) Slightly larger. Deep, crisp details on the feathers. Softer rubber. Plastic inserted eyes. No Hong Kong markings on base.
Big BirdBig BirdBig BirdBig BirdCarded Topper Big BirdTopper Back Big Bird


Questor (1973-77) Gabriel (1978-79) Slightly smaller. Harder rubber. Less detailed texture. Plastic inserted eyes. Hong Kong markings on base.
Compare Topper and Gabriel BirdsGabriel Big BirdGabriel Big BirdGabriel Big BirdGabreil Big Bird PackageGabriel Big Bird Package Back


Harder, semi-translucent plastic. Bright pink eyelids with heavy black painted eye shadow. Hong Kong markings on base.
Gabriel Big Bird MOCGabriel 1980 Back


A poorly made copy of the original .
Vicma Spain Big Bird Vicma Spain MOC


Pictured in catalogs.

 Big Bird by Topper